Activities & Places Of Interest

As well as enjoying the house, pool, lake and garden there are many activities available for all ages in the local area. There are brochures at the house, showing things to do, or you can visit the local tourist information offices in Vergt or Perigueux.

Sports enthusiasts and those of an energetic nature are well catered for with swimming, walking, tennis, rugby, golf, canoeing, fishing (you will need a license which can be purchased in Vergt at the tabac), hot air ballooning, climbing, go-karting, paint balling, cycling, horse riding and various water sports. These are all within easy access of the house. There is an abundance of wildlife. Keep an eye out for buzzards, kingfishers, hoopoes, herons, woodpeckers and jays amongst others. At certain times of the year, storks migrate north and the house is below their flight path. It is an amazing sight to behold, hundreds of them darken the sky and you can hear the flapping of their wings for miles. You may also be lucky enough to see deer, red squirrels, wild boar and pine martens whilst on your travels.

For those of you that savour the finer things in life, a trip to a local vineyard is a must. Take a tour round a chateau and discover how they grow and harvest the grapes, learn about the process of fermenting and storing and then best of all you get to sample some of the excellent wines. An afternoon can’t get much better than that. Some local wines to look out for are, Bergerac, Pecharmant, Saussignac and Montbazillac. One very beautiful town. where there are many wine producers is St Emilion, with its honey coloured buildings and wonderful terracotta roofs, or try the village of  Pomport near Bergerac, which is slightly closer, there are many vineyards in this area.

Above is a bird of prey display at Chateau Milande


  • Le Bournat                                                   
  • Accrozorbes                                                 
  • Velorail                                                                  05 53 52 42 93
  • Aquarium du Perigord Noir                        
  • Lacquou Parc                                               
  • Chateau Bridoire                                                   06 85 29 48 93
  • Les P'tits Castors                                          
  • Aqua Parc Junior Land                                

Lac de Neufond, Vergt                                          05 53 54 93 90

Pland'Eau de Rosier, St Paul de Serre                   05 53 04 52 69

Les Etangs de la Jemaye                                     





  • Golf de la Marterie

Saint Felix de Reilhac et Martemart   05 53 45 97 79

  • Domaine de Saltgourde

Marsac sur l'Isle                                   05 53 53 02 35

  • Chateau les Merles  

Mouleydier                                          05 53 63 13 42

  • Chateau des Vigiers

Monestier                                             05 53 61 50 00

  • Golf de Rochebois

Vitrac                                                    05 53 29 36 88

  • Golf de Barthe

Tombeboeeuf                                         05 53 88 83 31

  • Golf de la Forge

Siorac en Perigord                              05 53 31 99 76

  • Golf de Lolivarie

Siorac en Perigord                              05 53 30 22 69

  • Domaine d'Essendieras     

Saint Medard de'Exdeuil                    05 53 55 34 34

  • Les Mirandes Golf & Country Club

Issigeac                                                05 53 57 42 89  


SOME PLACES TO VISIT (there are many more)

  • Sarlat
  • Domme
  • Chateau de Castelnaud
  • Chateau Milande
  • Marqueyssac Gardens
  • Chateau Beynac
  • Brantome Police Horses
  • Maison Forte de Reignac
  • Brantome
  • La Roque Gageac
  • St Jean Cole
  • Roque St Christophe
  • Le Gouffre de Proumeyssac
  • Lascaux II
  • Tremolat



  • Canoeing                Limeuil/Beynac/La Roque de Gageac/Tremolat
  • Ballooning             Montgolfiiere du Perigord
  • Golfing                  Perigueux
  • Karting                  Perigueux
  • Tennis                   Perigueux



  • La Truffe D'Or                  St Maime de Pereyrol
  • Au Coin de la Rue            Vergt
  • Le Clos St Front               Perigueux
  • L'Epicurien                       Perigueux
  • Au Bien Bon                     Perigueux
  • Le Castel Peyssard           Perigueux
  • L'Imparfait                       Bergerac
  • Le Vin'Quatre                  Bergerac
  • L'abbatiale                       Paunat
  • La Coupole                      Perigueux



Gastronomes will delight in dishes such as Magret de Canard (duck), foie gras, truffles, mushrooms (cepes), walnuts, fish and strawberries, which are specialities of the region. In nearly all restaurants you will see duck in various forms on the menu.

Culture buffs will love the Chateaux, Bastide towns and old stone built villages, including La Roque Gageac, Domme, Beynac, Brantome, St Leon sur Vezere, Eymet, Cadouin, Montpazier and many many more. Antique fairs, music and jazz festivals plus numerous street markets are regular events in the French calendar. In the summer, night markets and festivals plus celebratory firework displays are something to watch out for too.


Public Holidays

1st Jan New Years Day (Jour de l’An)
Various Dates Easter  
1st May May Day (Fete du Travail)
8th May VE Day (Fete de la Victoire)
21st June World Music Day (Fete de Musique)
14th July Bastille Day (Fete Nationale)
15th Aug Assumption (l’Assomption)
1st Nov All Saints Day (Toussaint)
11th Nov Armistice Day (Jour de l’Armistice)
25th Dec Christmas Day (Jour de Noel)

If you have a fascination for history then the Dordogne is definitely for you. From prehistoric cave paintings at Lascaux, a world heritage site and dwellings built into cliff faces by Neolithic man, to castles, many of which were built by the English, there is a wealth of knowledge and understanding to be gained. The Gouffre de Proumeyssac are a magnificent example of caves within the area, you can walk down into the caves or be lowered down in a basket through a hole in the ground, which is exciting.

Exploring the region on foot, by car or river is an adventure in itself. Some of the places not to be missed are Sarlat, St Emilion, Limoges, Hauteforte, Gourdon, Rocamadour, Bordeaux and Angouleme as well as those already mentioned. The house is only 1½ to 2 hours from the coast, which is a great day out for all the family, especially the Dunes de Pilat. Shopping in the vibrant street markets is a real eye opener, there is a market every day of the week to whet the appetites of the shopaholics amongst you. Wonderful fresh local produce, intriguing artifacts and antiques from by-gone days and the weirdest fashions you ever did see but hey!! this is France. Check out the cheeses, fresh vegetables, meat and fish.


Vergt - Friday
Lalinde - Thursday & Saturday
Perigueux - Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday
St Alvere - Monday
Bergerac - Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday
Le Bugue - Tuesday

A favourite pastime is whiling away time in a restaurant or at one of the many outdoor pavement cafes with superb food, excellent wines and good company. Take your time to enjoy the ambience and casualness of French life, time really does go slower if you let it.

There are many restaurants in the area. We and our guests have visited many over the years and there are business cards and receipts stuck on the notice board in the kitchen, with some idea of what you get and the cost. There are too many restaurants to name but all have menu boards outside, so have a wander round before you make up your mind. For English and French alike THE STAR INN is a must visit, run by Bev and Mike it is an Irish Pub with a great atmosphere. The Friday night quiz, which starts about 10.30pm, is good light entertainment. It is frequented by French as well as English clientele and is really friendly. Outside of Perigueux, La Truffe D’Or at St Maime de Pereyrol offers superb meals at reasonable prices, is run by an English couple and is only 10-15 mins from house in the direction of Bergerac.

Chill out, relax and enjoy all that the area has to offer, don’t even try to cram everything into one visit, leave something until next time because we’re sure you will want to come back once you’ve had a taste of what is to be found hidden in this wonderful part of France.